Edge Star

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The Silent Partner STAR is the top model in the Edge Series. Its two-function remote control provides a level of convenience that is appreciated by players and coaches.

Its ample ball capacity (200), random oscillator, and high-performance propulsion system provide it with all the essential features of a tennis ball machine. Whether configured for battery operation, for plugging into an AC outlet, or as an AC-DC hybrid, the Silent Partner STAR has much more speed and more spin potential than any other portable machine in its price range. The STAR is a super-light, 47 pounds for the AC version or 49 pounds for AC-DC.

Control Panel: The panel of the STAR provides simple knobs and switches for easy and intuitive control of the machine's extraordinary performance capabilities. The three knobs set the SPEED, SPIN, and FEED (interval) rates. A toggle switch sets the random oscillator in motion, and a large power switch turns the machine ON and OFF.

Remote Control: The two-function remote provides control of the two most important functions during practice: FEED and SWEEP (oscillation).

Random Oscillator: The STAR has an oscillator that sweeps the court from side to side, allowing you to groove your groundstrokes as you practice your footwork. You can also use the random oscillator to sharpen your volleys and chase lobs.

The STAR also offers:

  • The famous Silent Partner propulsion system is capable of speeds up to 95mph, along with dizzying top and back spin capability.
  • Visible alignment fins for easy centering of the machine on the baseline.
  • Manual elevation control.
  • Easy-Lift cutout handles high on the machine to eliminate the need to bear hug the machine to lift it.


  • Two-function wireless remote control
  • Heavy-duty battery (largest capacity of any ball machine)
  • Oscillation
  • Premium fast charger (any faster charger will reduce the life of the battery). Automatic switching to trickle charge eliminates the danger of overcharging and allows you to keep the charger connected to maintain the battery during long layoffs.
  • AC-DC units come with an external AC power supply that can be used as an extremely fast charger in an emergency. A premium smart charger is also supplied with AC-DC units for normal charging situations.
Title: Star - Battery Powered