Service Plan

Ball Machine Owners, Recharge Your Game: The Service Plan for Seasoned Machines

At Silent Partner, we understand the importance of your investment in our ball machines. We're committed to ensuring that your Silent Partner Ball Machine delivers peak performance and meets your tennis training needs, even if you've had it for several years. That's why we offer our comprehensive 20-Point Service Plan.

1. Battery Check

Verify the health and capacity of the battery to ensure uninterrupted play. 

2. Charger Check

Ensure your charger is functioning correctly and charging your machine efficiently.

3. Remote Check

Test the functionality of your remote control.

4. Wiring Inspection

Inspect wiring for any wear and tear, loose connections, or damage.

5. PCB Check

Examine the Printed Circuit Board for any issues.

6. Oscillation Motor Inspection

Test the oscillation motor for proper operation.

7. Feed Motor Inspection

Ensure the feed motor is working well.

8. Propulsion Wheel Check

Inspect the propulsion wheels for wear and tear.

9. Propulsion Wheel Balancing

Balance propulsion wheels for even and consistent ball delivery.

10. Propulsion Wheel Rotation

Confirm smooth and reliable wheel rotation.

11. Rubber Feet Check

Examine rubber feet for wear and tear.

12. Rolling Wheels Check

Check the rolling wheels for ease of movement.

13. Carousel - Inspection

Inspect the carousel for any potential issues.

14. Extendable Handle Check

Verify the condition of the handle.

15. Charging Port Check

Ensure the charging port is functioning properly.

16. Switch - Power/Toggle Check

Test the power/toggle switch for reliable operation.

17. Control Panel Membrane Check

Examine the control panel membrane for responsiveness.

18. Remote Control Membrane Check

Confirm the functionality of the remote control membrane.

19. General Cleaning - Inside/Outside

Clean the machine inside and out, removing dust and debris.

20. 1-Hour Run Test

Conduct a one-hour operational test to ensure your machine is in excellent working condition.

If we identify any additional repairs beyond the 20 listed points, we will reach out to provide you with an update.

Why Choose the Silent Partner Service Plan


Extend the lifespan of your Silent Partner Ball Machine.


Maximize its performance, ensuring it meets your training needs.


Save money on potentially costly repairs by addressing issues early.


Have peace of mind, knowing your investment is well-maintained.

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